Foundation for Heritage Education, Promotion and Preservation


Seven Churches in the Regions of Pelagonia, Mariovo and Prespa


The Church of St George in Kurbinovo – The Church of St Nikolas in the Village of Manastir – St Archangel Michael Church in Varos, Prilep – The Church of the Dormition in the Monastery of Treskavec – The Monastery of Transfiguration of Chirst at Zrze – The Church of the Holy Mother of God at Slivnica Monastery

Elizabeta Dimitrova, Philipp Niewöhner, Risto Paligra, Gordana Velkov

Makedonida Foundation for Heritage Promotion, Preservation and Education , with the support of the Chicago businessman and philanthropist Richard H. Driehaus.

Editor in-chief
Professor Panche Velkov

Size А4, 141 pages, Skopje, 2019