Events that marked the year 2023 for the Makedonida association and our collaborators

January 2, 2024 во 6:35 pm

Events that marked the year 2023 for the Makedonida association and our collaborators

The association “Makedonida” wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, may the new year be filled with beauty and success!

In 2023, the “Makedonida” association actively cooperated with all relevant institutions from Macedonia. We would especially like to mention that in 2023, our association deepened the cooperation with the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archdiocese, which is a special pleasure and honor for us. In addition to current projects (the Register of Medieval Churches in Ohrid and the Ohrid region and the Art Residence “A/R Cagliari-Skopje”) and planning new ones, the association and our associates/members in 2023  accomplished many successes and participated in various events, we will point out some of them:

January – President Panche Velkov, Phd, at the invitation of the Association Réalités et Relations Internationales (ARRI), held a lecture on the cultural heritage in Macedonia in Paris.

March – Gordana Velkov was the curator of the exhibition “The Fragility of Fireflies” by the young author Nadja Petrović in the Museum of the City of Skopje. The exhibition caused great interest and was visited by a large audience, including students from the Faculty Of Fine Arts in Skopje.

May – Vladimir Tanevski, M.A., was the curator of the exhibition “Along with the times/With the times: a group exhibition on the occasion of five years since high school graduation” at DSULUD “Lazar Lichenoski” in Skopje.

September – during the month of September, associate/consultant prof. Rolf Achilles of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago was a visitor in the association. During his visit, several working meetings were held, from which a large number of projects and collaborations may arise in the future.

October – Vladimir Tanevski, M.A., participated in the IV Annual School for Byzantine and Ottoman Cultural-Historical Heritage.

November – Gordana Velkov was the curator of the final exhibition of the project: Art Residency 2022, “A/R Cagliari-Skopje”, in the Museum of the City of Skopje.

M.A. Vladimir Tanevski participated in the XI INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON BYZANTOLOGICAL AND MEDIEVAL STUDIES “DAYS OF JUSTINIAN I” with the topic: “The narrative of the frescoes from the churches of St. Archangel Michael – Varoš and St. Demetrius – Marko’s Monastery: symbolic messages about the tragic past”.

December –Panche Velkov, PhD, was at a meeting/conference of FHR (Future for Religious Heritage) in the city of Naumburg in Germany.

A new cooperation was signed with the association “Ottovolante Sulcis” from Sardinia, for the organization of new projects.

In the year 2024, we are already planning a large number of projects, and the completion of the old ones. We continue to support all kinds of artistic creation, to promote and present our most valuable medieval cultural heritage ie. the Byzantine churches and we are open for cooperation with all those who are interested…



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