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The Fresco Painting of St George in Kurbinovo – A Masterpiece of Byzantine Art and its Conservation Museum of the City of Skopje

28.03.2018 - 14.04.2018 | Skopje

March 28 – April 14 2018

The exhibition presents the results of the project Macedonian Frescoes – Masco 360, that was implemented by Dr. Pance Velkov on behalf of the Makedonida Foundation at Skopje and Dr. Philipp Niewöhner for the Institute of Byzantine Archeology and Art at Gottingen University in Germany, with support of the German Max Plank Institution and the Macedonian Ministry for Culture.

The photographs show the middle Byzantine Church of St George at Kurbinovo above lake Prespa, as the church was prepared for major conservation work of the church in Spring 2016. The iconastasis had already been dismantled and the church had been emptied of its liturgical furniture, which offered a unique opportunity for a comprehensive photographic survey of the world famous Kurbinovo frescoes. The survey was conducted by students from Gottingen University who specialize in Byzantine art and computer based photography.
The exhibition was first shown at the Museum of Bitola in June 2017 with the support of Macedonian Ministry for Culture. This second show will allow the public in Skopje to have a closer insight in the Kurbinovo church. The Museum of the City of Skopje will host this
exhibition in partnership with the Makedonida Foundation with the support of the Macedonian Ministry for Culture. The exhibition will be opened on March 28 by Dr. Eleonora Petrova – Mitevska, in charge of the Directorate for Protection of Cultural Heritage of Republic of
Macedonia, Dr Pance Velkov , the President of the Makedonida Foundation and Risto Paligora, museum curator and conservator in charge of the conservation project on behalf of the National Center for Conservation and Museum at Bitola.

A short video clip presenting the results from the conservation project will be presented at the opening of the exhibition. The video recording was prepared by Risto Paligora who is in charge of the conservation of the Kurbinovo church.